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Recognizing the Value of High-Performance Homes

Green Energy Money provides the tools, data and methods that help homeowners, lenders, real estate agents, appraisers, and builders realize the economic and environmental benefits of high performance, energy-efficient buildings.


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How Will Your Energy Upgrade Pay Off?

Your energy upgrade: What’s the cost, and will it increase your property value?

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Green Energy Money is a tremendous asset for our residential construction business. Its analytical decision-making tools and resources help educate our clients about the savings and return on investment for the high-performance, energy-efficient homes we build. Plus, with green appraisals that value the property correctly and with green financing at competitive rates, we’re shouting, At last! This is what we’ve needed: A financing program that perfectly aligns with our business needs.”- Wayne Jeansonne, President, Solluna Builders, LLC

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Our Financing Methods Help Lower Your Interest

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